Magyar vagy, ha…

2008. 02. 10. | Desszert | 18 hozzászólás


Magyar vagy, ha....



A játék címe: You Know You’re Hungarian…

A lényege: találjuk meg, mi tesz minket magyarrá, ami mások szemében vicces vagy fura lehet. (Tanárok, be lehet vinni órára!)

Íme, pár javaslat.


You know you’re Hungarian…


1. When you run out of sour cream quicker than ketchup.

2. When feeding your guests is your main priority even if they claim they’re not hungry and in which case you get slightly offended that they refuse your hospitality.

3. When you go into great details about the origins of Hungarians with a scolding history lesson if someone asks if you are Russian, Slovakian or Romanian.

4. When paprika is just as important as salt and pepper on the table.

5. When you know what Unicum is and prefer it over Jagermeister.

6. When you know how to open a bottle of wine with only a screw and a pair of pliers.

7. When half of your mother’s male friends have the name József and when you don’t know the first name of a married woman even if you know her full name.

8. When you know that the ”goulash” you see in many restaurants has actually little to do with the gulyásleves we really eat.

9. When meeting another Hungarian outside of Hungary is amazing.

10. When your Christmas presents are already there on the 24th at 6PM, and you’re a little confused about who brings them: Santa Claus or Little Jesus.

11. When a pancake in your country is so flat that you can almost see through it and you roll it up instead of folding it.

12. When you know what TÚRÓ RUDI is and pity the people who don’t.

13. When your role model is Ludas Matyi instead of Superman and you think Robin Hood was a pathetic loser compared to betyárs.

14. When you leave your house for longer than 2 hours, and you make sure there’s enough sandwiches, apples, bottled tap water, coffee in a thermos, and chocolate bars packed for everyone to survive without spending a dime.

15. When guys keep telling you that Hungarian girls are the cutest and prettiest and hope that you just believe it and they get laid.

16. When people want to show off by saying that they know your capital, Bucharest. And the funniest thing is that they are dead serious.

17. When you go into a Chinese restaurant and order your chicken with fries, cucumber salad and ask for a few slices of bread as well.

18. When you have a funny accent in every other language you speak.

19. When you love Mákos Guba and when you finally manage to explain what it is everyone thinks you’re either a weirdo or a desperate drug addict for eating that.

20. When you say you don't speak English even if you do.

21. When you start counting on your hand with one being the thumb.

22. When you can swear for 5 minutes straight, with one breath, not using the same word, ever.

23. When you know why the bells of every church ring every day at noon.

24. When you have difficulty pronouncing words started with ”W” in English, but you’re capable of creating long and meaningful sentences using only ”E” vowels in you mother tongue.

25. When you come out first on a revolving door even though you were the last who went in.

26. When the train hasn’t even left the station, but you are already eating your home made sandwiches (usually with kolbász and half a paprika in it).

27. When you call a 79-km-long lake (that you can actually swim across) the Hungarian Sea.

28. When you have to pay at a wedding if you want to dance with the bride.

29. When you can eat ANYTHING deep fried (with breadcrumbs on it) and can make spirits (pálinka) of (almost) EVERYTHING, including paprika of course!

30. When you go ”up” to Budapest and ”down” to the countryside.

31. When zou cant tzpe on and english kezboard because y ans z are mixed up.

32. When you know what a lángos/dobos torta/kürtős kalács/főzelék/túrógombóc is, and love most of them.

33. When you sort of dislike Turkish/Albanian people even tough you have never seen one in your life – you have the strange idea that they must all be related to Jumurdzsák and his evil lot.

34. When it doesn't matter what obstacle they put in your way, you'll find a way around it. Because you learnt to beat the system. Any system.

35. When Winnie the Pooh and The Flintstones is actually much funnier translated into your language than the original.

36. When you are so stuck-up that you think that anyone who has not read Dostoyewski or doesn’t know the basics of nuclear physics is not an intelligent human being.

37. When you know that ”a copper angel whistling on a willow tree” is actually a swear expression.

38. When you celebrate your nameday but laugh at the concept of Fathers Day.

39. When instead of a good fruit salad, you’d rather make Pálinka out of your fruits. And above all, you swear on its healing power.

40. When you greet everyone with a kiss on the cheeks including strangers and there is nothing odd about it.

41. When you know that all geniuses and celebrities are somehow related to a Hungarian. Or they are simply Hungarians.

42. When you think ”milanói makaróni” is a typical Italian food, and surprised that nobody knows it in Italy.

43. When if you lose one eye out of the two, you only have half an eye.

44. When you can pronounce easily long words like: megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért” and you even suspect that it has some sort of a meaning.

45. When you can buy the best mineral water in the world for close to nothing. And you can even have a bath in it.

46. When you know that ”Erős Pista” is not a person but in your circles, it is famous nonetheless.

47. When you know that all parts of a pig are edible, and it takes only half a day, some friends from the countryside and two liters of pálinka to prove it.

48. When you have guests, you make at least two kinds of soup (sweet and salty), four different main courses, and at least two kinds of cakes, even though you know it’s way too much.


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18 hozzászólás

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  • Breggae 2008-02-11 00:00
    when someone in the street stops you to ask you how you are, you start complaining about everything possible. Válasz
  • Titi 2008-02-11 00:00
    when every single family member in your household has a cell phone including your two cats and the parrot :) Válasz
  • Kádár Zsuzsa 2008-02-12 00:00
    When I have to cook some speciality to my family,they can’t laughing. Válasz
  • argyre 2008-02-13 00:00
    You get angry when somebody shows off and grins after telling a joke about Hungary and the word hungry. Válasz
  • Mónika 2008-02-13 00:00
    when you say you don’t speak English even though you have a certificate in you pocket Válasz
  • Seprenyi Imréné 2008-02-25 00:00
    - when you’re the second to arrive at the revolving door but the first to leave it. :)
    - when you’re the last to arrive at the bus stop but the first get on the bus. :)
    - when you do your best inthrowing the skin of banana excatly beside the litterbin. :)
    - when you hate the winter becouse it’s veri cold and you hate the summer becouse very hot. :) Válasz
  • Moni 2008-04-29 00:00
    Szia Gabi!
    az alábbi mondatban az over helyett nem to-t kéne írni??
    to prefer sth to sth, nem? vagy rosszul tudom?

    5. When you know what Unicum is and prefer it over Jagermeister.
    amúgy NAGYON tetszik:) Válasz
    • Gabi 2014-08-14 22:33

      Mindkettő helyes. :)

  • Móni 2008-04-29 00:00
    when you eat little stones from the two mayor rivers of Hungary: Tisza kavics, Duna kavics and even from your biggest lake, Balaton. Válasz
  • Tamas 2008-05-7 00:00
    When you know the recipe to make a Hungarian scrambled egg, which reads, Steal 3 eggs... Válasz
  • Máté 2014-03-15 14:34
    When you read an english text written by an english teacher and she don't even know that "mák" is actualy called poppy seed.  But still most of the are very big truth. Oh, and don't forget about that you are hungarian if you drink pálinka when you have sore throat. :D Válasz
    • Gabi 2014-08-14 22:40

      Do they really call it poppy seed? Nooo way. Never heard that one before. Like, ever.

  • Ancsa 2014-03-15 15:33
    When you start speaking slowly and loudly to a forigner,who is not deaf or stupid, only does not speak hungarian. And i would like to know, wich finger is used to start counting in other culture Válasz
    • Regina 2014-03-15 20:41
      or small finger Válasz
    • Gabi 2014-03-15 18:13

      Index finger. :) That's how I do it too.

  • andrea 2014-03-16 00:16
    if you wear your  wedding band on the right hand ring finger Válasz
  • Réka 2014-08-16 12:40
     Igen, a mák tényleg poppy seed, én így tanultam.  A karácsonyos tételünkben a mákos guba "noodles with poppy seed and honey" volt. Bár nem tudom, ki eszi mézzel, én biztos nem. Amúgy nagyon jó cikk volt, jókat nevettem.  Mégha nem is értettem mindent, a lényeget azért felfogtam.  A kedvencem az, ami a "kajapakolási-szokásainkról" szól.  Válasz
    • Gabi 2014-08-18 09:56

      Réka, a Máténak írt válaszom vicc volt. De azért köszi a felvilágosítást. :)

      Ps. Úgy tűnik, valamiért mindenki azt feltételezi, hogy egy angoltanár nem tud angolul. Magyar dolog lenne ez is? :D :D :D


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